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Diversey launches No Maintenance Floor System

Diversey launched its No Maintenance Floor System to restore and rejuvenate flooring surfaces in minutes.  Designed to help extend the life of floors, the system combines the TASKI® Ergodisc® 1200, TASKI® IntelliPad® and Snapback™ Spray Buff.

“First impressions are lasting impressions, and a facility’s floor cleaning procedures can negatively impact customer satisfaction,” said Ryan Greenawald, Director – Floor Care Marketing, Diversey.  “We’ve built this fast and effective floor care system to address the unique requirements of low and no maintenance floors and simplify typically difficult and costly restoration so that facility floors always look their best.”

To clean, repair and restore floors in minutes, Diversey’s integrated system combines:

  • TASKI® Ergodisc® 1200, a high-speed 20-inch disc machine with center feed for burnishing hard floors efficiently, resulting in a consistent, high-gloss finish
  • TASKI IntelliPad, a 2-in-1 floor care pad for cleaning and burnishing that uses a unique diamond formulation for increased durability and compatibility with all machines, including scrubber driers and single-disc units
  • Snapback Spray Buff, which provides that “just-finished” shine in seconds while protecting floors and a facility’s image

Wet Burnishing combines the best of spray buffing and burnishing for instantaneous and satisfying results. The technology behind this cleaning method enables floor restoration with no dust, thereby having minimal impact on air quality. Meanwhile, the quiet AC motor of the TASKI Ergodisc 1200 makes daytime use more pleasant for staff, customers and guests.

“This system combines Diversey machines, tools, chemicals and expertise to extend the floor care life cycle and save labor by repairing damage and reducing stripping frequency,” added Greenawald.

For more information about the No Maintenance Floor System, and other resources available from Diversey, visit www.diversey.com.