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Distributed Work Revisited, IFMA issues research paper

IFMA announces the release of two important publications. IFMA’s research paper #37, “Distributed Work Revisited,” which was written in close collaboration with HOK which co-authored and co-sponsored the report with additional financial support from Allsteel. The paper continues the data-driven discussion of workspace strategy trends that IFMA has been tracking for more than a decade. It is available for sale and download at http://bit.ly/1RTYKYU.

In addition, a white paper by Richard Kadzis titled, “Redefining the Executive View of Facility Management (FM),” was released with the support of JLL. The paper, available in the new Knowledge Library at http://bit.ly/1N2X4fL, explores the current state of the interaction between FM and the C-suite and proposes a model for improving that relationship.