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Facility management leaders are tasked with ensuring that not only are facilities a sustainable safe haven for occupants to be productive, but also that teams can meet the accelerating expectations placed on our industry. 

The last two years have placed the FM industry and professionals into the brightest spotlight they have ever been in. The comforts and care that FMs provide were once taken for granted and are now scrutinized like never before. Organizations and occupants demand that their spaces, air and surfaces are safe, clean and adaptable to when and how they choose to use them. 

For more than 40 years, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) has advanced industry knowledge, growth and value for FMs and their teams to perform at the highest level. Connect with extraordinary leaders and FM professionals of all career levels at IFMA’s Facility Fusion on April 26-28 in Austin, TX, USA. 

Professionals can also discover FM in new and exciting ways. Sign up to find out how IFMA can help you learn the language of facility management and advance your career.

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