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Delivering the power to change: The Circular Economy of Gridd®

Gridd, a low-profile raised floor and cable management system manufactured by FreeAxez, is made from steel, one of the most durable materials, has minimal components, and is infinitely reusable. Gridd is composed of interconnecting components (think LEGO bricks and elements) and does not require fasteners, screws, or rivets that may wear out over time. Due to its design, onsite construction waste is reduced to near zero. 

Installation of Gridd raised flooring and cable management system.

Reconfiguration and restacking are constants for facilities today, and making changes swiftly is key. Gridd Power, a 50A modular bus system, is a fast and flexible power distribution solution. Running seamlessly in the channels of the Gridd raised access flooring system, Gridd Power replaces obsolete power cabling, and demonstrates unparalleled flexibility. Together, the Gridd systems allow for easy reconfiguration and adjustment to meet changing layouts and power requirements.

An installation completed in the 1990s is interchangeable with components manufactured today, with no additional modification or adjustment. Made in the USA from regionally sourced materials and recycled content, Gridd comes with a lifetime warranty and a buy-back program. The research paper, The Circular Economy of Gridd, explores the circularity of Gridd as considered under ISO 59.010 Standard: Circular Economy

To learn how the Gridd system can contribute to your organization’s ESG goals, download The Circular Economy of Gridd.