Dauphin’s Phone Cube provides a simple, flexible solution to noise-prone spaces

Dauphin’s Phone Cubes bring attractive free-standing enclosures to open offices and environments. Installed directly over any existing floor in approximately 3 hours, these solutions provide acoustic and visual privacy required for individuals or groups. With integrated ventilation and lighting POWERED by a duplex plug & play CORD, Dauphin’s Phone Cubes provide a simple, flexible solution to noise-prone spaces.

Ideal for taking private phone calls, meetings, or simply to take a break from the every day, Phone Cubes provide Class A acoustics with an NRC of .95 and STC insulation value of 38b, insuring that anyone who steps in is able to use the space effectively. Each panel can be finished in fabric, insulated safety glass, melamine and whiteboards, or custom graphics to suit any space – keeping the designer’s customizations in mind. Phone Cubes can be disassembled and moved in several hours to support an organization’s evolving needs and spaces. For more information on Dauphin’s Phone Cubes, please visit their website at www.dauphin.com.