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Dauphin’s Contento & Rota offer superior fixed-seating solutions

Dauphin Rota

Dauphin Contento

With Rota and Contento, Dauphin now offers attractive, comfortable fixed seating in a wide range of finishes and options that can be customized to specific aesthetic and functional needs. Both Rota and Contento are sturdy, rugged and easy to maintain.


A fresh and robust auditorium design, Contento features:

  • A¬†flexible system that allows chairs to be installed in tight curves or spaced for perfect alignment in the field.
  • Slipcover upholstery that when soiled can easily be replaced on location.
  • A 600-pound capacity chair with an internal webbing system and molded foam for maximum comfort.
  • A spring-free, no-noise seat lift that eliminates pinch points and requires no lubrication.
  • A heavy-duty, anti-panic writing tablet that fits snugly between the arms.

Dauphin Rota


A fixed table with a swing-away seat system, Rota offers:

  • The unique capability of power installation on its support column allowing easy plug-in access for users.
  • Options to meet flat, sloped and tiered installations in straight or curved applications.
  • A choice of eight attractive Dauphin chair toppers.
  • A chair return seat system that automatically leaves seats in a forward-facing position.

For more information on Dauphin’s fixed-seating solutions, please visit Dauphin.com.