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Dauphin announces retirement of Gary Chin and appointment of new President Matthew Negron

After 41 years, President Gary Chin, Dauphin’s first employee in North America, will retire at the end of 2020. 

“I have been fortunate to work with a fantastic group of people and they have been the reason why I stayed with the same organization my whole career,” explained Chin. “We get tremendous support from the Dauphin family in Germany—especially from our founder, Friedrich-Wilhelm Dauphin, our New Jersey factory workers, our administrative staff, and of course, our Dauphin sales team and independent sales reps. Special thanks and respect goes to my business partner of the last 27 years, Dauphin CEO, Nick Bayvel. He has helped make the atmosphere and culture at Dauphin a joy to show up and work hard each and every day.” 

“Needless to say, I will miss the many clients, sales staff and friends that I have met and formed a bond with over the years. It has been wonderful seeing them grow their businesses as well as watching their families grow up. I have learned much about business as well as life from all of them during my many travels. I am eternally grateful for all of their support and especially for their friendship,” he added. 

Chin is proud to hand the torch to new President, Matthew Negron. “I am thrilled that Matthew will be taking over. I see quite a bit of myself in his character and thought process. I am highly confident that he will do a wonderful job leading Dauphin for future generations.”

Negron started at Dauphin eight years ago in the engineering department. Since then he has worked in multiple departments, most recently as Regional Manager of the New Jersey/New York sales territory.