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DARRAN’s Honey Collection designed by Mark Müller and Christopher Wright wins Best of NeoCon Competition and NeoCon Gold

Honey addresses users’ needs, varied work styles, privacy, and well-being. The collection features biophilic attributes with panels that are soft with rounded curved compound surfaces. The 55″ panel height provides visual and sound privacy. The system is elevated, providing improved air quality and natural heat dissipation from people and equipment. Honey Mobile extends unlimited possibilities for worksurfaces here, there, or anywhere the workstation is moved, adapting to how users work. Worksurfaces are height adjustable, allowing individuals to work at any level they choose. As worksurfaces are adjusted upward, an integrated desktop screen maintains that physical break between people. The scale is generous, allowing up to two 27″ monitors. Power and data are integrated into Honey, allowing each user power access. Honey incorporates accessories that help organize personal items allowing worksurfaces to be free of clutter and distraction.  

To learn more about this award-winning collection visit darran.com