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DARRAN commits $200,000 for COVID-19 relief

As the COVID-19 situation continues to progress throughout the globe, DARRAN’s state of business and actions have been to protect the safety of our employees and meet commitments to our customers. DARRAN is manufacturing products and the offices are working on normal operating schedules as the company is designated as an Essential Business. 

Just as everyone else, President Jennifer Cashion, and Vice President Jeff Hollingsworth have seen the impacts of COVID-19 on the public and healthcare workers both in the U.S. and worldwide, and decided to commit $200,000 for COVID-19 relief to the Americares nonprofit organization. In an emergency, Americares provides quality medical aid, disaster relief and recovery. Americares emergency programs help communities prepare, respond and recover from disasters such as COVID-19. 

Americares continues to respond to the crisis by educating the public about the virus, sourcing and shipping personal protective equipment and providing mental health and disaster response training resources to protect health workers most at risk. They also have clinics in the US and throughout the world to help respond to the outbreak. Americares reserves only .3% of its donations to administrative costs.

To learn more about DARRAN’s commitment and how to contribute to Americares please visit www.darran.com/together.