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COVID-19 contingency: Work-at-home checklist for employers

Agile Work Evolutions Inc., a leading firm of remote work specialists, has created a PDF checklist to help employers quickly and calmly set up their teams working from home. Click the image or here to download the full PDF.

Meredith Thatcher, CFM, IFMA Fellow and Co-Founder of AWE, wrote in an email that she and her partner saw all these update letters from CEOs, and they realized that many needed a quick-hit infographic to help their employees work from home — many for the first time.

While it’s not necessary to replicate the office setting, here’s how you can help your employees to set up a work@home environment that is comfortable and functional – and supported with the right toolkit to ensure business continuity. Set-up categories include:

  • Staff environment preparation
  • Communication Protocols
  • Enabling Technology
  • Manager/Supervisor Role
  • Training
  • Remote Meetings
  • Daily Kick Starters
  • Process Innovation
  • Staff Self-Care
  • Policy Alignment
  • Understand Employee’s Evolving Needs
  • Transitioning Back to the “New Normal”