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Construction Climate Talks examine sustainability in the construction process

The Construction Climate Challenge Initiative, hosted by Volvo CE, has created a web TV series examining sustainable development in the construction industry and the concept of green buildings.

“We want to promote sustainability throughout the entire construction industry,“ says Niklas Nillroth, Vice President, Environment & Sustainability at Volvo Construction Equipment. “We are hopeful that our film series will work as a contributing factor in the matter of making people aware and to enhance cross-sector collaboration throughout the construction industry value chain“.

In the eighth film, Helen Pineo, Associate Director at BRE, talks about the importance of different systems and professionals working together to make sustainable design going forward. With a background in planning and sustainable communities, she is interested in multi-disciplinary approaches to tackling the complex challenges facing cities.

“We have to get different professionals who understand energy, transport, water, etcetera in order to make sure that solutions and designs aren’t just focused for one particular silo area. If you address issues very early on in the design stage you can do a lot more in terms of addressing energy efficiency through the design and materials of the building, orientation of the building and even where it’s located,” says Pineo.

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