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Construction begins on new Children’s Hospital of Michigan

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The Children’s Hospital is scheduled to open in 2017.

A beam signing ceremony on August 25 signaled the official start of construction on the new Children’s Hospital of Michigan in the heart of the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) Midtown Detroit campus. Patients, their families, community members, and DMC executives and staff joined the celebration, inscribing messages and well wishes on the 1.65 ton beam, which was placed as the cornerstone of this project.

Designed by Shepley Bulfinch, the new Children’s Hospital of Michigan will house pediatric researchers, clinicians and innovators in heart health, emergency medicine, critical care, neonatology, hematology/oncology, nephrology and other disciplines. The foundation will be a new 248,800 square foot, six-story tower that will house the latest in emergency, surgical, critical care and radiology services. A new family-friendly main entrance and lobby will feature dramatic two-story ceilings, and an 8,842 square-foot curved wall of rainbow-colored glass, one of a number of features to delight and engage young patients.

“We’re building an innovative hospital with a transformative design reflecting the changing healthcare environment,” said DMC CEO Joe Mullany. “This modernization revolutionizes healthcare delivery for the children in our community and throughout our region.”

“We’ve been instrumental partners for this critical care tower designed around the core principles of family-centered care,” said Shepley Bulfinch’s Uma Ramanathan, AIA, project principal. “This flagship project will truly be transformational for Children’s Hospital of Michigan’s delivery of care for the region’s children in a facility designed for operational efficiency. The all-private NICU rooms offer an intimate setting to foster the mother-baby bond while the high tech environments in the perioperative and emergency departments promote collaboration between care providers, patients, and families.”

The new hospital’s lean integrated facility design process incorporated feedback from patients and their families, employees and medical staff. “This process will ensure we create the best possible experience for everyone who touches the patient in this new facility,” said Children’s Hospital of Michigan CEO Larry Gold.

The hospital will offer a ground-level emergency department with 48 exam rooms and 4 trauma bays. Larger neonatal and pediatric units will feature private rooms for the most critically ill babies and older children. These rooms, which will be twice as large as existing facilities, will accommodate doctors, residents, nurses, support staff and patients, with space for parents to stay comfortably with their children.

The hospital is scheduled to open in 2017. The joint venture of Brinker/Barton Malow is the project’s construction manager.