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Color filters create scale & contrast in Patcraft’s Material Paradox

Patcraft_Material__Paradox_Nocturne590_Backlit779_Final copy

Patcraft’s newest modular collection, Material Paradox, is now available.  By using light to enhance the pattern and add textural and visual depth, Material Paradox products are combined with color filters that are overlaid to create scale and contrast to achieve balance within a space.  The products are designed with texture and tip shearing to produce a collection that has a rich, tactile feel.  Available in 18” x 36” and 9” x 36” planks and 10 colors, Material Paradox is inspired by the interaction between light and material and this influences how we view texture.  The distinctiveness and depth of the product bring in light, materiality and sensory finishes that highlight a sense of fluidity and movement.

“Material Paradox demonstrates the interplay between light and dark and how they change the dynamic of a space,” said Shannon Cochran, Patcraft vice president, creative and design. “The design team created coordinating patterns that work together to create transitions and contrasts, explore combinations to punctuate spaces and create moods.  The patterns are a soft, muted ombre with hints of shadows that create a perceived texture that complements function and style.”

Constructed with Eco Solution Q® and EcoWorx® backing, Material Paradox is Cradle to Cradle certified. Products are backed with a lifetime warranties against stain, colorfastness to light, static and abrasive wear for maximum performance and appearance retention.

A delicate, powerful balance of elements, Material Paradox highlights how whole worlds are brought to life in black and white and in light and shadow.  The collection plays with the concept of conversing inverses and discovering harmony in tension.