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Collin College’s Wylie campus gives back to the community while welcoming students and faculty

Collin County Community College’s 339,000-square-foot Wylie campus accommodates 7,500 students pursuing degrees in everything from STEM and business to hospitality and fine arts. Located north of Dallas, Texas, the bustling hub is characterized by modern architecture and colorful interiors. The Wylie campus is where people want to spend time and where they feel at home.

Collin’s Wylie campus modern architecture and colorful interiors

“We created spaces for students to learn, but also spaces for them to socialize,” said Mary McRae, Ph.D., Wylie’s campus provost. “We know that research shows that if students are more engaged on campus, they’ll stay, and they’ll come back. That’s what we’re hoping to achieve.”

The anchor of these spaces is comfortable lounge seating. KI’s Sway chairs with a 360-degree swivel create a cozy zone where students can relax between classes. Spacious areas near towering windows are filled in with inviting MyWay and MyPlace lounge seating.

“Especially in the larger spaces, you really need something where the scale of the seating looks appropriate to the space,” said McRae. “So that was really helpful when we worked with KI.”