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Cities and communities can be LEED certified too

From the US Green Building Council:

“In addition to building certification, LEED also includes a certification pilot structured for cities to measure and improve performance, focusing on outcomes from ongoing sustainability efforts. This pilot leverages a globally consistent method of performance measurement for a streamlined and data-based pathway to LEED certification for cities.

LEED for Cities pilot

In order to pursue LEED for Cities certification under the pilot rating system, city project teams must

  1. Register their city in Arc.
  2. Complete all prerequisites.
  3. Provide data to receive a Performance Score in Arc.

In order to generate a Performance Score, participants input data across five categories: Energy, Water, Waste, Transportation and Human Experience. Cities must earn all prerequisites and may provide additional information to achieve points to increase the Base Score, which contributes to the total Performance Score.”

The USGBC site offers specific details about what cities will need to do to qualify and how all the factors are weighted. Click for more details.