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Challenges ahead: NextUp prepares women for ’24 with chapter networking and virtual training

NextUp teams are creating compelling events to attend in-person at local chapters or virtually, while the Headquarters Learning Team has several virtual opportunities for advancing all women in business. Facility managers and related professionals, architects and interior designers are welcome to join when NextUp offers education and engagement sessions every month across the U.S. In 2024, more than 175 regional networking and leadership development events are planned.

The NextUp network delivers inclusive programs and experiences that advance women at every stage of their career, accelerate workplace equity and drive business growth. Even as gains are made with women in leadership, new challenges emerge, and the NextUp mission goes on. When women are learning and leading, they are not leaving. NextUp seeks a world where women have equal opportunities at work and to build their lives and careers exactly the way they want them.

National virtual events are followed by a selection of local chapter events.

Feb. 21: Negotiating Internally, powered by The Maker Group. More than 472 are virtually participating in “‘”Negotiating internally,” part two of a four-session series on commercial negotiation and influence, focusing on internal negotiations and how they differ from negotiating with external parties. Explore the key challenges we see with internal negotiation and influence and provide a roadmap for more effective internal dialogue. The session will include interactive exercises, a presentation of negotiation best-practice principles, and Q&A. Be prepared to work in breakout sessions and negotiate against your peers!

Feb. 28 Career Essentials: Cultivating a Growth Mindset. People who believe their talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and input from others, have a growth mindset. These people have a tendency to achieve more than those who believe their talents are innate gifts (fixed mindset). Join over 100 others when this virtual experience delves into the power of cultivating a growth mindset where participants discover the fundamental principles behind a growth mindset and its impact on personal and professional development.

March 20: Negotiating for Value powered by The Maker Group. ‘Negotiating for value’ is part three of a four-session series on commercial negotiation and influence. With more than 340 registered, attendees focus on understanding a framework for recognizing and capturing value in negotiation. Trainers will also discuss how to use variables and conditional trading to create more value in your negotiations. The session will include interactive exercises, a presentation of negotiation best-practice principles, and Q&A.

April 17: Negotiating for Partnership by The Maker Group. ‘Negotiating for partnership’ is the final part of a four-session series on commercial negotiation and influence, with more than 293 already registered. The focus is on using negotiation as a means to create better partnerships and business relationships, exploring the necessary elements of trust, mutuality, and long-term partnership and how they fit within negotiations.

Feb. 7: Chicago: Wonder Wednesday at WNDR Museum at 1130 West Monroe where members and non-members can explore interactive and immersive art while networking, capturing unique Insta-worthy photos, and having an all around good time.

Feb. 8: Chicago Northern Suburbs Networking Dinner at Miramar Bistro in Highwood for members and non-members.

Feb.16: A Member & Non-Member Coffee Hour hosted by Atlanta.

March 15 Atlanta coffee hour for members and non-members at LaMadeleine.

Scroll the NextUp Events Calendar to find activities both in-person and virtual in chapters around the U.S.

NextUp Membership is open to individuals or members of a partner organization. When you join NextUp through The McMorrow Reports/FMLink, you are entitled to 20 percent off an individual membership when you enter the code: NextUp24McMorrow at checkout.

For more information, email Beth Fasching, Strategic Partnership Director, bfasching@nextupisnow.org