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Carbon Lighthouse service measures energy efficiency across portfolios

Carbon Lighthouse, an energy services company delivering real carbon reduction impact for commercial real estate (CRE), released in January its Efficiency Production service nationwide. With advancements in its AI platform, the service can establish a continuous data stream from any building in any geography to deliver new value to CRE owners within 60 days including the demonstration of carbon reduction impact to Limited Partners (LPs), direct increases in net operating income (NOI), and solving operational challenges that attract and retain occupants – in assets spanning commercial office and hospitality to multifamily and medical office buildings (MOBs).

“For more than a decade, Carbon Lighthouse has been empowering CRE owners with the energy efficiency and operational solutions required to meet the changing needs of the industry, investors and occupants,” said Brenden Millstein, president overseeing product at Carbon Lighthouse. “Now, Carbon Lighthouse is using our decade’s worth of real building expertise, enhanced technology platform, and our vast data-capturing capabilities to help CRE quickly achieve the new occupant, climate and business goals being mandated by the new market landscape.”

The pandemic has forced owners to re-evaluate how best to serve its occupants while facing the many business challenges and uncertainties the resulting economic crash delivered. Macrotrends are also driving further change in how CRE manages its assets. A new administration’s climate change plan and LPs aggressively seeking funds committed to environmental, social and governance (ESG) means CRE owners must demonstrate data-backed proof of their climate impact.

“L&B prioritizes responsible ESG investments and champions innovation to better manage risk and generate sustainable long-term returns,” said Eric Smith, EVP of Business Development at L&B Realty Advisors, LLP. “This past year, we collaborated closely with Carbon Lighthouse to fully tap the benefits of Efficiency Production as we navigated various operational and business shifts knowing Carbon Lighthouse would bring the expertise and technical tools to continuously optimize our assets while helping L&B innovate important ESG solutions.”

Efficiency Production captures previously inaccessible building data across a real estate portfolio’s most energy-intensive building systems — the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and lighting — and combines it with Carbon Lighthouse’s database of 100 million square feet of real building data. Then the company’s patented CLUES AI platform mines the entire data set to profitably modernize assets and capture new streams of building value through energy and operational efficiency opportunities. Site teams are empowered with actionable technical instructions to implement energy and operational efficiencies while owners and investors can quantify and validate the financial and environmental value of their asset management strategies. Regardless of any stage in the asset lifecycle, in any geography, Efficiency Production delivers new sources of energy and operational savings with an average 20-30% yield and average $0.20 – $0.40 per sq. ft. of NOI. 

Efficiency Production is designed to help owners meet the current and evolving needs of its occupants, investors and business with key features including:

  • Expert Client Service & Support empowering on-site teams with expert guidance on how to quickly and effectively implement new measures
  • Actionable Technical Documentation backed by a decade of implementation experience and best practices to enable existing teams to harvest the value uncovered through new data
  • Ongoing value creation through informed, accurate financial and technical analysis of operational choices and potential outcomes
  • Rental Income paid by Carbon Lighthouse to flow value back to owners with triple net leases, creating top-line revenue and increasing building value directly
  • Industry-leading price point as compared to other complex sustainability solutions or comparable financial and operational outcomes

Learn more about Efficiency Production here.