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CallisonRTKL completes three new Warren Clinics in Tulsa, Okla., region


CallisonRTKL, the global architecture, planning and design firm, has announced the completion of three new Warren Clinics, a division of the Saint Francis Health System, in the Tulsa, Okla., region. The CallisonRTKL team worked alongside Saint Francis to design a patient-centered, operationally efficient and convenient outpatient clinic. Each clinic, South Memorial, Tulsa Hills and North Broken Arrow, provides urgent care, radiology, lab and clinical functions, primary care and specialty services.

“The new Warren Clinics are a branded, modular health prototype which turns the traditional clinic inside-out and allows it to adapt in various configurations to multiple sites,” said CallisonRTKL Senior Associate Vice President John Seely. “Holistically, the prototype reinforces the client’s brand, mission and values towards innovation and wellness while encompassing a sense of community.”

An on-stage, off-stage method was implemented, allowing patients to go directly to the room where they will be seen instead of spending time in a waiting room with other patients. This method provides more privacy and improves overall patient experience satisfaction.

“By design, the patients wait for their appointment directly outside of the exam room, which eliminates the need for a large common waiting room,” said President of Warren Professional Building Corporation Tim McNulty. “The patient is therefore allowed a more private visit while decreasing the possibility of cross contamination of disease in a group waiting room concept.”

The Saint Francis brand is reinforced in each new clinic by incorporating the color pink, a dominant feature of other Saint Francis facilities, through exterior glass walls infused with pink tones. A “Light from Above” concept was also incorporated using natural light as a primary driver within the design and providing direct access to exterior views.