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Built to combat the tripledemic, QleanAir’s air cleaner is both quiet and energy efficient

New air cleaner in times of tripledemic

New air cleaner from QleanAir, FS 35

New air cleaner in times of tripledemic
New air cleaner from QleanAir, FS 35. Image courtesy of QleanAir

Swedish air cleaning company QleanAir has launched a new air cleaner specially designed to improve indoor air quality in sensitive environments. With high airflow and boost functionality, quiet operation and an energy-saving function, the new air cleaner is designed to help hospitals, schools, offices and other public spaces in times of a tripledemic. The QleanAir FS 35 is an updated version of the previous FS 30 and was developed in close collaboration with healthcare professionals during the design process to meet specific requirements of international guidelines.

We aim to constantly improve the limits of air quality and lead the development of air cleaning. It comes down to our vision to always help protect people and products. By involving customers in the designing process, we have now been able to develop a completely new air cleaner, designed to make a difference where it is needed the most.

Sebastian Lindström, CEO of QleanAir Scandinavia

The new QleanAir FS 35 has slim design, high airflow and a boost functionality for extra fast air cleaning. It is developed to be energy efficient and can also be set into standby mode to save extra energy when needed. Also, it operates as quietly as a whisper, to be easily placed in a room without disturbing the surroundings, says the company.

In times of a tripledemic with covid, RS and the flu at the same time, the need for air cleaning is bigger than ever before. We want to help improve the air quality in hospitals, schools and offices where the need for clean air is vital. Today, few air cleaners available can meet the international guidelines for air cleaning. That’s why we are extra proud to launch an air cleaner that meets the requirements and cleans the air in a room at record speed.

Sebastian Lindström

FS 35 is one of few air cleaners on the market that meets the new German expert recommendation from VDI, including guidelines for air cleaning, airflow, sound level, room comfort and safety. For example, this ensures that the air cleaner is childproof and reduces particle levels in the room by 90% within 30 minutes, without disturbing noise or turbulence.

At QleanAir we welcome the VDI recommendations as it pushes the industry forward. Building a cheap air cleaner is simple, you just need a fan and a filter, but to fulfill the requirements from VDI is much more advanced. Therefore, we are extra proud of this launch, which meets the requirements with a good margin. We hope this recommendation soon will become a European standard as well.

Sebastian Lindström

Benefits of QleanAir FS 35:

  • Multi-stage mechanical filtration with filter combinations customized for different environments and challenges, such as high airflow HEPA 14 filtration, HEPA 13 filtration with nanotechnology that degrades microfiber and carbon filtration that captures particles, gasses and odors
  • Quiet operation, <18-47 dB(A), to not disturb conversation, concentration or sleep
  • High airflow of up to 950 m3/h
  • Constant airflow regulation for even air cleaning regardless of filter saturation
  • Standby timer for an energy efficient operation
  • Boost functionality for quick cleaning of the air in a room
  • Robust wheels for easy mobility
  • Operates independently of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems
  • Lifetime Performance Guarantee, i.e. preventive service to ensure function and efficient air cleaning over time

The new air cleaner QleanAir FS 35 is available for order in both gray and white from QleanAir.