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Breathe easy with in-ceiling air filtration

The StrataClean IQ ™ Air Filtration System quietly captures airborne bacteria, viruses, mold, and particulates for cleaner, healthier indoor air quality. The in-ceiling system works more effectively than floor-based units, using proven MERV 13 filtration and three fan speeds to optimize air changes/hour in your space. The energy efficient design operates at a mere 29 dBA and uses only 15 watts per hour – less than a traditional incandescent light bulb. Create a space with outstanding IAQ, starting at the ceiling, when you choose sustainable, healthy building solutions. Learn more about improved IAQ at armstrongceilings.com/stratacleaniq.

Typical applications

• Education – classrooms, cafeterias

• Office – conference rooms, lobbies, breakrooms, open plan seating areas

• Long-term care/Senior living

• Restaurants

• Daycares

• Retail