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BOMI International releases High-Performance Sustainable Building Investments course

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BOMI International completes its three-course High-Performance Designation Program with the release of its new High-Performance Sustainable Building Investments course. Over 50 highly respected subject matter experts participated in the design and development of this highly anticipated credential program.

High-Performance Sustainable Building Investments was released to the public on July 1, 2016. The course is a capstone for learners earning the BOMI-HP designation. “The Investments course challenges participants to identify and deliver strategies for analyzing, planning, and developing a business case for comprehensive high-performance building projects aimed at maximizing ROI,” said Holly Bentley, BOMI International’s Sr. Director of Learning & Development. “In addition, through application-based methods, this course will provide an in-depth understanding of how to effectively impact
sustainable solutions through the use of cutting-edge approaches to have a positive effect on the unique aspects of your facility’s financial, social, and environmental ecosystem.”

In April, a group of BOMI International learners became the first in the property and facility management industry to earn the new BOMI-HP designation. Their comments attest to the positive impact of the program:

“The HP curriculum is the most comprehensive, yet practical, environmental credential program in the country. As each course is completed, the relevant,
sustainable practices highlighted in the coursework through interactive content and case studies make it possible for industry professionals to immediately impact how buildings are managed in today’s environmentally
conscious world.”
—Susan Hammer, BOMI-HP, RPA, LEED AP O+M, General Manager of a Chicago, Illinois-based realty firm

“The education that I received from BOMI International has given me a deeper [and] modern understanding of what it means to have a true high performance building.”
—Judith A. Sponsel, BOMI-HP, RPA, Vice President of Operations for a national capital firm

“As building owners, investors, and occupants continue to place a stronger emphasis on sustainable building operations, the ability for property management to understand and implement sustainable projects and strategies will become critical to the success of the assets they oversee. The BOMI-HP program enabled me to enhance my knowledge of [high-performance]
operations while providing me with the tools to successfully implement sustainable projects.”
—Michael Giese, BOMI-HP, RPA, Vice President and General Manager of a Chicago, Illinois-based asset management group

BOMI International’s High-Performance Designation Program is available in a variety of learning formats. Additional information about the program and an upcoming schedule of in-person and online classes can be requested by
visiting http://hp-program-offer.org/bomi.org.