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Bodine’s emergency lighting system field-installs and self-tests for easy compliance

Bodine FirstLink emergency lighting system

Bodine FirstLink emergency lighting system

Standalone wireless system FirstLink by Bodine integrates all necessary emergency lighting components and monitors the status of the lighting system at all times, helping you maintain code compliance with virtually zero effort. The FirstLink emergency egress system comprises enabled exit signs, wall packs, emergency LED drivers and the FirstLink app installed on a mobile device.

Video courtesy of Bodine

Mandatory testing is easy with FirstLink

Instead of staff shuffling around a facility, climbing ladders, and pushing buttons to test individual units, FirstLink components automatically perform all required testing. The app downloads the status of all devices and creates an easily exported report.

A wireless mesh network ensures reliable connections, even during the loss of individual devices. If the app can communicate with just one device, the status of all devices can be read. Once the status is downloaded, the data is uploaded to the cloud. 

Easy to install and manage

FirstLink emergency lighting system components can be easily installed by a contractor or end-user, making it field-install friendly. Facility managers (FMs) can quickly add new products, accessories, and features without updating the existing FirstLink hardware in the building.

The easy-to-navigate FirstLink smartphone application allows users to configure a system, view and export results, change testing schedules, and more.

For a painfully funny look at why you need Bodine’s FirstLink, check out this video as well: “Emergency Lighting Testing — Before FirstLink.”