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Bobrick’s horizontal dispenser-disposal unit achieves code compliance

Bobrick's combination dispenser-disposal unit for bathrooms achieves code compliance.

Bobrick Washroom Equipment has released four new accessible toilet compartment combination units developed to achieve unambiguous compliance with multiple critical building codes.

Bobrick’s B-3091, B-3092, B-30919 and B-30929 units—which combine toilet tissue dispensers, toilet seat cover dispensers and waste disposals in a single stainless steel unit—are oriented horizontally to enable maximum compliance with 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as 2009 and 2017 ICC A117.1 standards and the 2019 California Building Code. The four models span recessed and surface-mounted, as well as left-mounted and right-mounted configurations.

While traditional vertical toilet compartment combination units reduce the 1 ½” absolute clearance between the grab bar and the wall required by ADA standards, these new horizontal combination units are engineered to help architects and designers achieve full compliance. Additionally, providing a waste disposal on the side wall adjacent to the toilet tissue dispenser and in front of the rear wall of the compartment or room complies with the 2019 California Building Code.

“Design professionals often must contend with multiple building and accessibility codes when designing a restroom,” says Bobrick Vice President of External Affairs, Alan Gettelman. “Depending on the project, interpretations may vary and the perceived dominant code may differ. These horizontal units are developed to achieve indisputable compliance, regardless of the prevailing codes.”

As universal design—the idea that amenities can be accessed to the greatest extent possible by all people regardless of their age, size, ability or disability—becomes a popular design consideration, these units provide a unique solution to allow maximum accessibility.

“Although compliant, the typical [vertically oriented] solution is awkward and may require a higher reach,” says RL Mace Universal Design Institute Executive Director, Richard Duncan, MRP. “ADA compliance is not necessarily synonymous with high functionality. Minimizing the grab bar interference and limiting a high reach enables Bobrick’s solution to improve upon code minimums and provide a more preferred, ergonomic, universal result.”

More information on Bobrick’s B-3091B-3092B-30919 and B-30929 units, including technical data, is available online at bobrick.com.