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Bobrick’s B-828 SureFlo Automatic Foam Soap Dispensers offer a welcome update and an economical improvement

Over the past year, Philips Plaza in Nashville has taken steps to support employee health. The building’s wellness and break rooms previously relied on automatic, cartridge-based soap dispensers— but soap costs and operational issues grew into problems. 

Bobrick’s newly redesigned B-828 SureFlo Automatic Foam Soap Dispensers — which are conveniently top filled with bulk soap — delivered an economical improvement to ensure reliable hygiene. 

According to the assistant facility manager, the previous system required soap costing approximately $23 per 34-oz cartridge. With the B-828, the building can use one-gallon (128-oz) jugs of bulk soap costing about $10 each, or $40 per case of four, resulting in 88% cost savings.

“We’re saving substantially on our soap supply,” he said. “With the top-fill functionality, we can fill them more easily, use a generic soap and negotiate based on quantity.”

Learn more about SureFlo Automatic Soap Dispensers at https://www.bobrick.com/sureflo/.