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Bobrick launches Digital Spec Builder, a time-saving online tool for restroom specifications

Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc. has launched Digital Spec Builder, powered by ATS Spec Solutions, a time-saving tool developed to help architects and interior designers quickly manage projects, select and configure Bobrick accessories, download specifications, generate submittals and schedules, compile BIM files and more.

The tool was built to replace outdated, manual specification methods and serve as design professionals’ single-source destination for specifying Bobrick accessories online.

“Old, manual specification methods are time -consuming,” says David Leigh, Bobrick vice president of Marketing. “Digital Spec Builder provides design professionals with the ability to manage multiple projects and specifications with the assurance that all data is up-to-date.”

Digital Spec Builder’s functions are managed from a single, customizable, user-friendly dashboard. From the dashboard, users can manage projects, adding team members for collaboration, select and configure Bobrick products to review technical data and add BIM/Revit files to drawings.

Users can also export client-facing deliverable packages. Key functions include generating submittals, including shop drawings, material data, samples and product data, as well as Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) format three-part specifications, short-form specifications, product schedules and literature. The dashboard also offers the ability to quickly generate specifications independent of the project management tool.

“For an architect or interior designer, time is a valuable, limited resource,” adds Leigh. “We are proud to offer a time-saving online tool, allowing designers to work on more specialized tasks that showcase their value to their clients.”

Digital Spec Builder is free to use without trials or limitations. Design professionals can sign up and log in from the tool’s homepage at bobrick.atsspecsolutions.com.

ATS Spec Solutions designed and built the tool in collaboration with Bobrick, using its proprietary ATS Spec Service. This service is the industry’s only online, time-saving specification information system that connects the design community and their specification requirements with the leading manufacturers’ products. A privacy policy is easily accessible from the ATS Spec website for users to review.