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Bentley’s The Drawing Room Collection wins Best of NeoCon silver

Bentley The Drawing Room Collection

Bentley The Drawing Room Collection “Dog Eared”

Once structured, stiff and staid, office environments are now places to gather — to share ideas, to collaborate and create, to think and inspire. And while workplace design has shifted to embody more relaxed, residential aesthetics, something is still missing. Workspaces of the future must be as invigorating and empowering as they are calming and comforting. It’s a balance; tailored yet trendy, bold yet vibrant. With its newest carpet collection, Bentley strikes that balance, and brings a new energy to designers’ libraries with The Drawing Room Collection, a 2018 Best of NeoCon Silver award in the Carpet: Broadloom category.

“The Drawing Room builds on The Outskirts concept we introduced last NeoCon. Our workspaces feel more like home, but today’s generation is maturing, and they’re craving even more – and different,” according to Sherry Dreger, vice president of marketing for Bentley. “We’re now being challenged to create pseudo-hospitality spaces that embrace and balance the dynamics of interoffice collaboration, hot desk environments and fixed staff floor plans. No matter where we work, we want to feel not only reassured but energized by the spaces around us. The Drawing Room Collection does this: the styles are grounding; they’re comforting and sophisticated. They’re also strong, spirited and all-around inspiring.”

Four broadloom styles masterfully blend the dynamics of corporate and hospitality. Chronicle and Redacted are designed to feel luxe in a world that requires resilience. The highly textured patterns are both: they have the rich look of velvet embellished with the sheen of both matte and metallic lusters. Chronicle’s splashes of pigment appear woven into a darker ombré of texture, while Redacted, the smaller-scale pattern, uses precise, controlled lines of color to create an organic, gorgeous graphic design.

Dog Eared and Dust Jacket take a more playful, daring tone, with mid- to large-scale geometrics that subtly fold color into neutral backgrounds. The angular, jagged shapes cut across the width for an everchanging, stimulating design you won’t see anywhere else.

Brought to life in a palette of neutrals, warms, cools and desaturated jewel tones, the collection brings an edgy energy to designers’ libraries, striking a balance between tailored and trendy, bold and vibrant.