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Bentley Mills champions The Sorted Collection

Bentley Mills urges us to stop sorting – and start celebrating what makes each of us different, unique, special and distinct. “Globally, we’re seeing a defiant shift away from divisive individuals and organizations. There is a powerful desire to reverse hatred, separation and disconnection, and to champion freedom and respect for all,” said Ginger Gilbert, vice president of creative for Bentley. “Most of us understand we must live harmoniously together, yet we also realize there’s nothing wrong with standing out, and we should feel free to do so without judgment. This is why we created ‘Sorted.’ ”

Bentley’s Creative VP Ginger Gilbert & Eileen McMorrow, editor, sorting it out at Bentley’s “Laundry ” at NeoCon.

This message doesn’t get lost in the wash with Bentley’s newest signature products, aptly named The Sorted Collection. Three patterns – Misfit, Square Peg and Typecast – harmoniously interact while also maintaining the unique characteristics.

Despite its name, Misfit is a valued member of the Collection. Functioning as the mid-scale option within the trio of patterns, Misfit provides a lighthearted blend of whimsical pattern elements, sophisticated textural layering and thoughtful color application. Available in broadloom and tile, Misfit is a versatile solution for a variety of functions and formats.


The old saying “square peg, round hole” finds new meaning with Square Peg. Providing a common ground for square and round elements alike to coexist, Square Peg boasts a back-to-basics construction that focuses on texture as the building block for pattern instead of relying on color as the only form of elaboration for tile and broadloom products.

Square Peg