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BACnet Institute offers free online learning tools & new low-cost course

Building Automation Systems are no longer a trend; they are a reality. Currently valued at over $50 million, the BAS market continues to grow aggressively, with projections of tripling value over the next 10 years. What does this mean to FMs? They need to be ready now.

Through the collaboration of leading BACnet industry groups, The BACnet Institute e-learning website was created. This global site provides for free well-needed information, best practices and knowledge-sharing opportunities to key professionals within the BAS industry. Facility Managers, in particular, will find a wide breadth of free educational resources, that not only cover the basics of a BACnet-based BAS, but also topics such as interoperability, devices, specifying, networking, scheduling and security. For ease of use, the site is organized into three main sections: Education, Library and Community. Register for free to access the site. 


The Education section provides interactive learning experiences to individuals of all levels, novice to expert. Currently, two courses are offered:

BACnet Basics – A perfect course for individuals who require a basic understanding of BACnet and its functionality; this course has six lessons that cover everything between functionality and terminology to specification and conformance. A certificate of completion is awarded after passing a mastery test provided at the end. This course is free.

The Facility Manager’s Guide to Building Automation Systems – a highly recommended course for Facility Managers as well as any key professionals in a BAS integration process; this course details the key principles of BACnet-based BAS design and procurement, the importance of collaboration between FM and IT, as well as the features of a Networked Controls BAS that enables streamlined facilities management. The Facility Manager’s Guide to Building Automation Systems course is regularly $49.  For a limited time,  get $10 off the new course. Use code 1901MCMR110 at checkout. This offer expires March 31, 2019.


With more than 100 free articles and presentations, the Library section covers a vast variety of topics pertaining to a fully integrated system as well as the possible different applications like HVAC, lighting, access control, and elevators. The library is searchable by keyword, experience level, application and topic, making it easy to find the right information. Top topics include BACnet history, VFDs, BBMD support, physical connectivity, and LED lighting.


The Community section encourages open discussion of current BACnet-related topics, sharing insight across differing expertise and perspectives. From novice to expert, individuals have shared over 500 questions, ranging from Simulator for BACnet IP, Event Initiating Objects, Buffer Ready Event Parameters, Encoding of NameValue in Array, and more. This site is moderated by a long-standing SSPC 135 committee member and BACnet expert.

To access all of these BACnet-related resources, visit The BACnet Institute. Registration for the site is free.