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ASID applauds Utah state legislature for giving “permit authority” for commercial interior designers

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) celebrates the passage of one of its top state legislative priorities by the Utah legislature. The Commercial Interior Design Certification Modification Bill will allow commercial interior designers to sign their drawings in order to pull building permits for their scope of work on certain construction / renovation projects. Its passage is another positive step forward to breaking down the barriers to opportunity for interior designers and their businesses everywhere.

“Across America, interior designers have much reason to celebrate,” said Randy Fiser, CEO of ASID. “Due to the hard work and dedication of Utah’s interior design community, there has been a great victory for the profession.”

As a result, commercial interior designers will not be mandated to work under other members of the design team, such as architects, and instead practice independently within their scope of work. Consequently, this will lead to more opportunities for interior design businesses to grow thereby, creating a means to open their doors for new employees wanting to practice design.

“While primarily impacting commercial interior designers practicing in Utah, it is a win for all interior designers across America,” says Jim Brewer, VP of Government & Public Affairs, for ASID. “The work of Utah’s interior design community has generated a momentum that will affect many other issues impacting our profession. Such a movement to advance the people of our profession will only be successful if it is united. Therefore, our primary goal is to ensure each person is heard and joins together with their colleagues in unison both in Washington, D.C. and state capitals across America.”