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Safe Day One: ASHE offers safety training on the unique factors of healthcare work sites for technicians, contractors

The American Society for Health Care Engineering (ASHE) of the American Hospital Association and Kentucky Society of Healthcare Engineers (KSHE), an ASHE affiliated chapter, are partnering to bring Safe Day One: Health Care Orientation and Safety Training to learners in a flexible e-learning format. This program offers an introduction to the health care physical environment to technicians, contractors and subcontractors, and others who register for the program.

Safe Day One

In addition to six continuing education credits, Safe Day One provides fundamental training on the unique factors of health care work sites for professionals new to working in this complex environment. Content includes guidance at every step of entering the job site, including before arrival, at arrival, during working hours, and before leaving. Topics covered include environmental safety, Occupational Safety and Health Administration safety, as well as working in health care during a pandemic.

This is a preparation course for ASHE’s Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker certification, which is a recommended certification for anyone who works on a health care job site. Professionals and learners interested in earning that certification should consider Safe Day One as their first step.

Safe Day One is a nationally recognized training program developed so that hospital organizations don’t have to divert resources to internal training programs. This program in conjunction with the worker certification not only saves time for hospital organizations but greatly reduces risks to the organization and to the patients.

Chad E. Beebe, AIA, CHFM, FASHE. – ASHE Deputy Executive Director,

Individuals and teams interested in learning more and/or registering for this training should follow this link to ASHE. The English -language training is available now, with a Spanish language version in development.