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Aquatherm’s durable Blue Pipe is easy to maintain in HVAC applications

Aquatherm polypropylene Blue Pipe is ideal for many pressurized commercial heating and cooling applications. Durable and easy to maintain, Aquatherm has an anticipated life span of 50+ years. Its heat fusion connections result in a homogeneous material without systemic weaknesses or leakage paths, and heat fusion connections performed by Aquatherm-trained installers are covered by a comprehensive 10-year multimillion-dollar warranty. The pipe’s chemically inert, hydrophobic material will never leach, corrode or erode. Aquatherm pipe has an inherent R-value of 1 or higher (depending on the size and thickness of the pipe), which can eliminate the need for insulation or reduce the amount of insulation required. Aquatherm Blue Pipe is available in sizes up to 24-in. to handle any size commercial heating and cooling project.