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Aquafil Carpet Recycling #1 has started operations in Phoenix

Initial operations at Aquafil Carpet Recycling #1 in Phoenix have begun.

Aquafil Carpet Recycling (ACR) #1 will deconstruct used nylon 6 carpet back into raw material and provide its ECONYL facility in Slovenia with nylon 6 material to be depolymerized. Aquafil Carpet Recycling #1 in Phoenix is expected to be fully operational by Sept. 1, 2018 and will have the capacity to collect and treat 35 million pounds of carpet per year, making a sizeable dent in the waste stream.

The Phoenix facility is part of Aquafil’s strategy to increase its production of ECONYL® fiber, made from 100% regenerated nylon. Aquafil Carpet Recycling #2 has been recently incorporated in Sacramento, Calif., with the purpose of setting up a similar operation in Northern California.