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Amara Lounge by Kwalu creates an oasis in healthcare wait spaces

The Amara Lounge by Kwalu is proof modern design can and does meet the needs of healthcare environments. With its durable and cleanable Kwalu Classic material, the Amara Lounge chair offers a stylish yet practical solution for waiting areas. Its thick cushioned seat and curved back provide reassuring comfort. Designed to withstand the rigors of healthcare settings, the Amara Lounge ensures a welcoming and comfortable wait for patients and visitors alike.

Kwalu’s commitment to enhancing healthcare environments is truly commendable. The company’s innovative approach to creating furniture that serves both comfort and functionality reflects a deep understanding of patient needs.

Amara Lounge is suitable for all healthcare lobbies and other medical waiting and reception areas. Choosing the right furniture ensures a supportive and healing environment for everyone involved in healthcare delivery.

See Amara at Kwalu’s NeoCon showroom 1199.