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Accord recliner from Wieland gets the gold

Wieland JulyPrem Rec_300x250The accord recliner went Gold at NeoCon. Wieland, an award-winning design and manufacturing firm of healthcare furniture, introduced its  accord recliner and earned a coveted Best of NeoCon Gold Award at NeoCon 2015. Wieland’s research and design included on-site observation and interviews with numerous patients, clinical caregivers, and architects and designers to improve patient comfort in conjunction with enhanced versatility, operation and durability. To that end, accord offers greater health and safety for nurses and patients alike with:

  • intelliTrac™ intuitively senses to track straight down a corridor or laterally in tight spaces. The focus is shifted from the chair to the patient. Multiple patents pending.
  • safeBrake provides a tightly-engineered stop delivering exceptional stability. Multiple patents pending.
  • smartSteer enables single-handed steering with the pushbar, so busy nurses effortlessly stay on course. Multiple patents pending.
  • controlCove centrally locates multiple functions in one area. Recessed push pedals prevent damage.
  • comfortCore’s molded, multi-height reverse coring provides a dynamic ride, so patients “sit in and not through” the cushion. Patients remain relaxed over longer periods of time.

“It’s no longer enough for healthcare furniture to simply look good and function well,” commented Blair Wieland, vice president of Product Development and lead designer for Wieland. “Accord was conscientiously designed for patients’ comfort, to protect nurses from the stresses and strains of care-giving, and to provide designers with a clean, fresh palette to beautifully frame their distinctive aesthetic.”