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Maars Living Walls rounds a corner



PanoramaCurve, from Maars Living Walls, is a single and double glazed wall system. PanoramaCurve, best of NeoCon silver award winner, is a fully glazed, relocatable solution reaching high values in sound absorption, sound isolation up to STC = 52dB, fire resistance, and stability. The low profiles and absence of vertical profiles creates a minimalist design even up to 10 ft.

PanoramaCurve enhances the visual contact between employees and facilitate new, flexible ways of working. Transparency also creates optimum daylight conditions in the workplace. Research has shown that this has a positive impact on our overall sense of well-being and therefore on our productivity.

The PanoramaCurve wall system offers two options for connecting glass panels. We can create joints with convex/concave glass without having to use other materials. You can select a large range of materials and finishes for the PanoramaCurve walls and doors.

PanoramaCuve’s high flexibility is simply the result of a clever click-and-fix system. Each PanoramaCurve wall can be moved if a different layout is desired. Elements for light, air, sound, multimedia and climate control can be integrated in a combination of closed wall elements, as well as cupboards, panels, and furniture elements.

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