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Planon still showing strong growth in 2016

The past year has been a highly successful one for Planon. In 2015 the company continued its strong growth by increasing its total revenues by 20%. In addition to strong growth in 2015, Planon has already experienced strong growth in the first quarter of 2016. First quarter revenue in North America is up 54% over last year’s first quarter.
The strong growth can be attributed to the company’s continued focus on the power and reliability of Internet of Thing, specifically in relation to Big Data and predictive analytics. The internet-connected devices, sensors, beacons and equipment that comprise the Internet of Things are making it possible for Planon customers to streamline processes and reduce costs associated with real estate and facilities management through user- friendly state-of-the-art software.

Planon’s recent inclusion in the Gartner’s IWMS Market Vendor Guide as a representative vendor confirms the changing market expectations in workplace optimization and Planon’s commitment to meet market needs. While these innovations represent an ambitious development plan, Planon sees this vision as consistent and necessary with the direction IWMSs are headed.