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3M Easy Trap Dust Sheets and 3M C. Diff Solution Tablets disinfect efficiently and thoroughly

Patient rooms are a safe space to receive treatment and heal, but if not properly disinfected, they run the risk of spreading deadly bacteria and jeopardizing a patient’s recovery. Often patient room cleaning is prone to errors, as schedules are tight, and rooms need to be turned around quickly. Utilizing efficient products with fewer steps can promote a more successful and expedient disinfection program.

Starting from the ground up, 3M Easy Trap Dust Sheets pave the way for disinfection and eliminate up to eight times more dust, dirt and debris on surfaces. The 3M Mopping System accurately dispenses chemical onto the floor and effectively disinfects using a disposable flat mop pad. For high-touch surfaces throughout the room, 3M C. Diff Solution Tablets provide a safe bleach alternative option with a shortened contact time of four minutes.

To ensure patient safety, it’s important to clean and disinfect at the right time, in the right way and with the right materials.