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Strong labor market, credit events, higher unemployment, office lease renewals vary and hotel market roars back, says Trepp’s CRE team

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To celebrate 2023, Trepp had four of its CMBS, CRE and economic experts weigh in to share CRE market predictions for the new year. Here, Manus Clancy, Lonnie Hendry, Stephen Buschbom, and Rob Jordan shared a mix of commercial real estate (CRE) finance data predictions, broad economic thoughts, and pop culture opinions. See Trepp’s 2023 predictions here. Trepp provides data, insights and technology solutions to the structured finance, commercial real estate, and banking markets.

Trepp also rounded up its most-read blogs, research reports, and episodes of The TreppWire Podcast to see what the market was watching this year:

Trepp’s Top Five Blogs of 2022

  1. CMBS 101: Trepp’s Essential Guide to Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities
  2. Perspective: Commercial Real Estate Distress, $52 Billion of Maturing Loans
  3. Cap Rates on Recent Sales Continue to Hover Around 4% of 2021 NOI
  4. Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall: Mapping the Commercial Real Estate Exposure
  5. Interest Rates and Commercial Real Estate Part 3: An Analysis of the Impact Across Major Property Types

The Top Five Most-Listened-to Episodes of The TreppWire Podcast in 2022

  1. Episode 162: Rising Rates, Cost of Interest Rate Caps Threaten to Derail CRE; Top 5 Multifamily Markets
  2. Episode 167: Tech Wreck & Housing Cracks, REIT Earnings Rundown, Student Housing Distress
  3. Episode 166: Will Floating-Rate Loans Sink Upon Maturity?, Delinquencies Rise, No Leaks in the Boat… Yet
  4. Episode 161: Digging Through the Data: Multifamily Cracks, CMBS Metrics, Bank Earnings Predictions
  5. Episode 160: Searching for Light in a Stormy Market, CRE Distress, Hurricane Exposure

Trepp’s Five Most-Read Research Reports of 2022 

  1. Interest Rates and Commercial Real Estate — What to Expect?
  2. Sentiment Survey Results: CRE Avoids the Worst Despite Economic Headwinds
  3. Ranking the Top Secondary Metro Areas for CRE Investment in 2022: Managing Economic Uncertainty
  4. Bank CRE Loan Performance in Q3 2022 — Conditions Still Good, but For How Long?
  5. The Future of Ground Leases in Commercial Real Estate: Moonlighting the Numbers

In addition, Trepp released its annual Year-End Magazine with Commercial Real Estate Directfeaturing 20 stories about caution ahead for CRE, including The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of 2022, Office Loan Maturities, Cap Rates for Apartments, Maturing Retail Loan Risks, Bank Loan Performance, and more.