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1Hour Healthcare VirtualCast releases schedule through December

The Corporate Realty Design & Management Institute (CRDMI), in partnership with the Association of Medical Facility Professionals (AMFP), is bringing a powerful combination of C-suite insight and engaging, high-quality production to its premiere episode of 1 Hour. This bi-weekly virtual news show fills a vital need for engaging, high-quality continuing education content for all professionals serving the healthcare built-environment.

1 Hour is part of the @Work VirtualCast platform, which connects healthcare real estate, design, construction, facilities management, and related professionals to timely events, news, education, and resources. It builds upon the hosts’ longstanding history of successful live events with its focus on actionable insight from industry leaders.  Viewers watch at their convenience.

1 Hour is not another webcast or mundane Zoom meeting. CRDMI has a long history of bringing together healthcare C-suite leaders, innovators and subject matter experts to create a compelling event. Now we’ve partnered with experts in the broadcast environment to ensure that our virtual content is as engaging as it is insightful,” says Alan Whitson, president of CRDMI.

“We’re not abandoning living events, simply shifting gears. Live events will eventually return in some form, and we’ll be ready for them. However, until then, we’ll provide the education, connections, and information needed by our audience needs in a virtual format that’s interesting, provocative and raises the bar for virtual content,” adds Glenn Fischer, executive vice president of CRDMI.   

The first episode of 1 Hour aired on Wednesday, July 29, 2020, at 3 pm EDT, and future programs will air every other Wednesday. Each program provides attendees with 1 CE hour. The initial episode includes an exceptional lineup around the theme of “Moving Forward While Grappling with COVID-19.”

A new 1Hour will be released every other Wednesday. See the schedule and topics below.

Leadership (Convincing Patients It’s Safe to Return I)
Planning (Restoration & Recovery I)
Operations (3 Things We Can Do Now)
Medical Office Building Construction Report

8/12/20Registration for this session is open now.
Leadership (Convincing Patients It’s Safe to Return II)
Planning (Restoration & Recovery II with Mike Wood, Medxcel)
Telemedicine (Transforming Ambulatory Facilities)

Biggest Economic Trends on Horizon
Design/Construction (Most Innovative Approaches)
Upper Midwest-focus

Healthcare Real Estate (Excess Space Dilemma)
Construction (Pre-Manufacturing)
Operations – (Infection Prevention – Thinking Long Term

Compliance (2nd Annual Survey Results)
Operations (Unifying Facilities & PDC Teams

10/7/20 Telemedicine
Planning/Design/Construction (Adaptive Re-Use)
New York-focus

Healthcare Real Estate
Security (Redesigning for Security)
Planning, Design and/or Construction
Pacific Northwest-focus

Design (Making Non-Regret Decisions for Our Facilities)
Compliance (Practicality of Shifting to Virtual Inspections)

PD&C (Most Interesting Projects of Year

Healthcare Real Estate
Next Pandemic (Will We Be Better Prepared?)
Planning/Design (Grappling with Unknowns)
Rocky Mountain-focus

Finance (Grappling with Your Next Budget)
Technology & Telemedicine (What to Expect in 2021)