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1 Hour Healthcare has eight episodes on the built environment. Watch when your want!

1 Hour Healthcare, is a bi-weekly virtual news show that fills a vital need for engaging, high-quality continuing education content for all professionals serving the healthcare built-environment. 1 Hour connects healthcare real estate, design, construction, facilities management, and related professionals to timely events, news, education, and resources. It builds upon the hosts’ longstanding history of successful live events with its focus on insights from industry leaders. Viewers watch at their convenience on the VirtualCast platform.

The Corporate Realty Design & Management Institute (CRDMI), in partnership with the Association of Medical Facility Professionals (AMFP), is bringing this powerful combination of C-suite insight and engaging, high-quality production to healthcare professionals. The McMorrow Reports/Healthcare is the program’s media partner.

1 Hour is not another webcast or mundane Zoom meeting. CRDMI has a long history of bringing together healthcare C-suite leaders, innovators and subject matter experts to create a compelling event. Now we’ve partnered with experts in the broadcast environment to ensure that our virtual content is as engaging as it is insightful,” says Alan Whitson, president of CRDMI.

“We’re not abandoning living events, simply shifting gears. Live events will eventually return in some form, and we’ll be ready for them. However, until then, we’ll provide the education, connections, and information needed by our audience needs in a virtual format that’s interesting, provocative and raises the bar for virtual content,” adds Glenn Fischer, executive vice president of CRDMI.   

Nine episodes are available now, and you can watch at your own pace and convenience.

Episode 8: NYC Special Report: What Will It Take to Make IPD Work on NYC’s Healthcare Projects? Will New York move away from bid-buy-build and embrace Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) in healthcare? It’s worked in other regions of United States. Seasoned pros with a combined 80-plus years of experience include Patrick Duke, Senior VP, CBRE Healthcare; Steve Monez, Vice President & Chief Facilities Officer, Cold Spring Harbor Lab; Richard Steimel, Principal in Charge/Healthcare, LendLease with moderator Jonathan Cogswell
AVP, Facilities Services & Engineering, Northwell Health

FGI Guidelines 2022: Sneak Peek of Pending Changes.

Episode 7: Cybersecurity: IT Can’t Fight It Alone! and COVID-19 Workplace Strategies.

What Every FM & Construction Manager Needs to Know About Cybersecurity. Connected devices in buildings are growing at an ever-increasing rate, along with a rise in cybersecurity incidents. Gain insight into primary threats arising from connected and digital facility ecosystems. A first-hand primer from Jay Abdallah, Vice President, Cybersecurity Services and Solutions, Schneider Electric.

Where Will Non-Clinical Staff Be Working?
The surge of Covid-19 patients arriving at hospitals this year resulted in a shortage of beds and a sea of empty desks as administrative workers adjusted to working from home. Explore the implication on real estate footprints, new workplace designs, and technology. Jade Franklin, Director of Workplace Strategy, Knoll. Interviewer: Eileen McMorrow, Editor-in-Chief, The McMorrow Reports/Healthcare.

Episode 6: Consequences of Digital Health on Medical Facilities Now & in the Future
In 2019, prior to the pandemic, Baylor Scott & White announced plans to “virtualize” 40% of its business within five years. Two farsighted thinkers explain how healthcare is a bigger than ever driver of new devices, pharmaceuticals, and technology. Aasim Saeed, MD-MPA, Vice President of Digital Health, Baylor Scott & White and Hubert Zajicek, MD-MBA, CEO and Co-Founder, Health Wildcatters.

Invigorating the Southwest Medical District and Surrounding Areas.
Dallas Southwestern Medical District is making giant strides in transforming into a healthier, more vibrant environment. Stakeholders in the $200-million master planning process show how they plan to remake the district’s image as a premier place to heal and work. Bill Elvey, Senior Vice President, Children’s Health System of Texas; Janette Monear, President & CEO, Texas Trees Foundation. Interviewer: Thomas Miller, Broadcast Journalist, “The Human Side of Healthcare” Co-Host, KRLD 1080 AM

Episode 5 A and 5B: Recalibrating Medical Facilities Amid Disasters:
A Special Report from California and Oregon

Natural disasters, a pandemic, and new technology is causing a rethinking of patient care, operations, and facilities. Health providers and design professionals take a deep look into what’s next for healthcare. Kerrie Bartel-Christensen, Vice President of Real Estate Strategy & Operations, Providence Health, and Liz Brott, AIA, EDAC, Principal Architect, Sutter Health System; Ken King, Chief Administrative Services Officer, El Camino Hospital; Joel Swift, AIA, LEED AP, Director Facilities Planning & Development, UC Davis Health.

Interviewers: Heather Chung, Vice President & Healthcare Studio Leader, SmithGroup and Jon Inman, PE, LEED AP, Principal, Mazzetti, President of AMFP Northern California Chapter.

Episode 4. How to Make 1+1 =3. A Pair of Money Saving Reports.

Two Teams, One Voice: Unifying PDC and Facilities Teams
It’s not uncommon for PDC and facilities teams to operate independently, often in silos. The challenge with that model is potentially dueling project updates to leadership, triggering a lack of confidence that a project is being completed correctly. Two insiders who work for a firm that manages more than 165 hospitals show you how to get buy-in.

Timely Integration of Two Technologies in Healthcare Facilities
You have likely heard of – or even implemented – Real Time Location Services in your facility. Not only does RTLS end scrambling to find misplaced equipment, it helps with contact tracing & congestion avoidance – both particularly relevant in our COVID world. We’ll shine a light on how owners are embracing “1 + 1 = 3” technology.

Episode 3. How Healthcare Facilities are Repositioning for the Future
Rebuilding Trust with Patients Now and After COVID-19

In a one-on-one interview,  Osmel “Ozzie” Delgado offers his insight through the lens of one of world’s leading health systems. Delgado has held a progression of leadership roles across Cleveland Clinic.

Restoration, Recovery & Reboot (Part II)
Big decisions with long term, post-pandemic implications are already taking hold among major healthcare facilities construction directors. The thinking on use of space within two organizations is shared. Though issues are similar, solutions aren’t necessarily universal.

Regional Snapshot: Minneapolis/St. Paul

Episode 2. Design & Technology is Answering the COVID-19 Challenge
Hudson Valley Heroes’ Fine Tune Expansion Based on COVID Experience
Garnet Health admitted over 1,800 COVID-19 patients to its 383-bed Hudson Valley hospital, just north of NYC. At one time, these patients occupied 60% of all beds. Hear how lessons learned altered the design of their expanded Emergency Center & adjacent parking structure.

How To Get Funding in Tough Times
Why the most commonly used financial metric by Facilities & PDC Professionals is sabotaging your organization and clients’ future and how you can stop it!

Regional Snapshot: Central Florida

Episode 1. Moving Forward While Grappling with COVID-19.

  • Restoration & Recovery after COVID-19
    Restoring our nation’s healthcare facilities is well underway even though COVID-19 continues to be a disruptive force. Hear lessons learned from insiders directing the work on healthcare properties in multiple states. Mike Wood, MD, CHC, MSM, ARRT
    Vice President Planning, Design, Construction & Energy, Medxcel, Immediate Past President of AMFP.
  • MOB Construction Report
    Latest trends in medical real estate; supply & demand, rents, construction, and transactions. Learn how COVID-19 is affecting these metrics nationally and in some of the hardest hit markets. BONUS: MOB Construction Report from Revista.
    Mike Hargrave, Principal, Revista.
  • Regional Snapshot: Dallas-Fort Worth
    While COVID-19 is national issue, it is affecting every region differently. DFW is the country’s fourth largest population center. Hear how the area’s 90 hospitals are responding, their impact, and the collective hurdles they must address. Stephen Love
    President and CEO, DFW Hospital Council
  • 3 Things We Can Do Now
    Innovation is more important than ever as we battle COVID-19. Discover how rethinking a problem can yield long-term benefits from an interview with a battle tested facilities exec at one of nation’s largest healthcare providers operating in numerous coronavirus hot spots. Eileen McMorrow, Editor in Chief, The McMorrow Reports/Healthcare, interviews Brian Weldy, Vice President Facilities and Engineering, HCA.
  • What CEOs Need from Their Teams in Times of Crisis
    Some CEOs have commented that their health systems may have scared patients away. Convincing patients it is safe to return to medical facilities is just one crisis top executives are dealing with. A former healthcare system CEO offers some pointers on what leaders need from their departments to manage their system effectively through the pandemic and recovery phases. Dr. Charisse Oland, EdD, MHA, FACHE, President,
    Oland Consulting, Former CEO of hospitals in 3 Midwest states.