Try transition low-profile LEDs from Specialty Lighting

transition from Specialty Lighting  is available in 12-in. nominal increments with standard dimming drivers. Since LEDs are more efficient than traditional lamp sources, transition consumes less energy and reduces the ambient temperature of a room. The low profile fixture offers specification-grade LEDs in an aluminum frame with black and white finish or custom colors.SpecialtyLighting_Transition75

Additional attributes include:

Input operating voltage: 120V, 277V, or Universal

Lamp type: LED with diffuser or clear lens

Lamp color temperature: 2700K to 4000KaSASD\Xns: 1360 per foot at 3000K without diffuser

Dimmable power supply (included): 1050mA Class 2 remote (choose dimming

type and voltage)

Hardwire ready (wire between fixture and power supply provided by others)

Mounting brackets and hardware provided. 3-year warranty.  SpecialtyLighting_transition-75

“LEDs have made a huge impact in the area of lighting design,” explains Greg Carpenter, president, Specialty Lighting. “Architects and interior designers are no lnger limited to using off-the-shelf lighting solutions; designing light fixtures around a lamp source is quickly vanishing. As a lighting designer and manufacturer, we can easily create solutions like transition to integrate with the space as opposed to fitting a fixture within the space.”