Finding (los)t angeles at Bentley

Bentley_(los)t angeles_NeoCon2016_04

Comprised of two styles, the (los)t angeles collection, from Bentley, examines rich, textural patterns with a range of seven colorways that span from urban-inspired neutrals to vibrant, saturated hues. Underground brings forth large-scale abstract blocks of substantial color while Trespass comprises an exaggerated scale of pixelated plaid.

“Los Angeles has an aptitude for reinvention so strong that its deep roots are easily overlooked as new buildings grow over the old,” explained Todd van der Kruik, vice president of design for Bentley. “The gems of LA are hidden in plain sight. Our (los)t angeles collection goes beneath the glitz and glamour and behind the urban decay to discover extraordinary, exciting and unexpected things.”

Featuring the latest in pattern tufting technology, both (los)t angeles styles are made with Antron Lumena Type 6,6 Solution-Dyed Nylon for ultimate color and performance. (los)t angeles products are available in NexStep Cushion Tile and AFIRMA Hardback Tile in 24in x 24in and 18in x 36in.

The Bentley products are Cradle to Cradle Certified™, NSF 140 certified and CRI Green Label Plus certified, and produced in a LEED-EBOM Gold-certified manufacturing facility.