Draper FlexShade Recharge features rechargeable battery for large shades



Draper’s FlexShade Recharge, a quiet battery-operated shade with rechargeable batteries, were used in this courtroom. The shades were on display at Greenbuild 2017 in November.

Draper’s FlexShade Recharge is ideal for flexible installations and can be installed in a variety of places, including larger window openings. Available up to 12’ high and 12’ wide, the FlexShade Recharge features simple installation, similar to a manual window shade. The batteries last longer and are more powerful than those in other systems, and with no external battery wand, extra space isn’t required for the batteries. With long-lasting charges, the FlexShade Recharge battery is hidden safely inside the roller tube and can be recharged from a 110V outlet or an optional solar panel. FlexShade Recharge is quiet and provides users with a reliable, versatile motorized shade without the additional wiring.

FlexShade Recharge fits easily into nearly any control scenario. For quick and simple operation, there’s a touch-sensitive remote control, or a flush-mount wall switch. For more flexibility, integrate Recharge with building control systems. FlexShade Recharge also features several optional accessories, including a maintenance charger, solar panel for battery motors, and cable extenders. In addition, the FlexShade Recharge app can be used to control or program the shades. Since the motor has bi-directional communication, the app even knows when it’s time to charge the battery.

More information is available online at draperinc.com/go/flexshaderecharge.htm.