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‘Right This Way’ app helps visitors navigate The Jewish Hospital

jewishhealthappConnexient and The Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health announced the launch of the “Right This Way” app to make it easier for patients and visitors to find their way around the hospital, remember where they parked and more.

Search “Right This Way: The Jewish Hospital” for both Apple and Android devices to download the app or access it from Mercy.com.

Mercy Health – Cincinnati is the first health system in Greater Cincinnati to launch this innovative wayfinding solution which is like an “Indoor GPS” for hospitals and runs on Connexient’s MediNav platform.

“Right This Way makes it easy for patients and visitors to find their way around the hospital. It offers detail-rich indoor maps, turn-by-turn indoor navigation, parking help and more on cell phones, kiosks and on Mercy Health’s website,” said Pat Davis-Hagens, Mercy Health Central Market President and CEO. “We’re always looking to improve the experience of both our patients and visitors and we launched the app to guide you to the department or room you want to visit, remember where you parked and help reduce missed or late appointments.”

“We are honored to announce Mercy Health as a new client,” commented Mark Green, Connexient CEO and Co-Founder. “Its commitment to both innovation and delivering outstanding patient experience makes Mercy Health an ideal partner as we continue to expand and enhance MediNavTM as the best-of-breed Indoor Navigation and Digital Wayfinding solution for healthcare.”

Powered by Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons and sophisticated handset sensor fusion technology, MediNavTM Navigator v. 2.0 is the most advanced indoor navigation solution available for hospitals, with rich features that solve real world problems:

  • True turn-by-turn indoor navigation with reliable indoor positioning accuracy of one to two meters, navigation cues, visual landmark references, off-route notification and more.
  • My Car Saver feature saves visitors’ parking locations and guides them back to their cars when they are ready to leave the hospital.
  • All screens solution ensures that patients and visitors can access vital information anytime and anywhere across mobile, web and three, touch screen kiosks located conveniently throughout the hospital.
  • Outdoor, indoor, campus-wide wayfinding guides users across the entire hospital campus, including the hospital itself and Mercy Health Physician practices located both at the hospital and at The Jewish Hospital’s medical office buildings across the street from the hospital.