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Patcraft’s newest LVT, Creative Code, offers lively abstract pattern

Patcraft, a leading provider of commercial flooring solutions, has launched its latest resilient collection, Creative Code.  Available in 12” x 24” tiles and 15 refined colorways, this luxury vinyl tile offers easily customizable design options for commercial interiors. The varying hues dispersed throughout each tile provide a unique design solution for multiple zoning options and maximum design flexibility.

“Finding inspiration in the daily surroundings of our digital world, the Patcraft design team explored an artful interpretation of technology, coding and data for the pattern of Creative Code,” said Shannon Cochran, vice president of creative and design for Patcraft.  “The final product resulted in a visual that was digital in nature, yet moved organically across the floor, and the broad range of colors allows for creative installations within the built environment.”

With neutral and bright color options, Creative Code is ideal for branding, wayfinding, color blocking and mixing, and the 12″ x 24″ resilient tiles offer flexibility with installation methods.  The product’s organic placement of color, combined with the abstract and digital nature of the pattern, aids in the creation of a seamless installation on the floor.

Creative Code features a 20-mil wear layer to enhance product durability and performance in high-demand environments, and the product’s ExoGuard+® finish provides enhanced scratch and stain resistance.  Polish optional, Creative Code offers easy, low-cost maintenance and eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.  Creative Code is fully produced in the USA.