NSF Intl. and NEHA seek presentations for Legionella Conference 2019

:Legionella sp. colonies growing on an en:agar plate and illuminated using ultraviolet light to increase contrast. Photo courtesy of CDC/James Gathany

Legionella sp. colonies growing on an agar plate and illuminated using ultraviolet light to increase contrast. Photo courtesy of CDC/James Gathany.

NSF International and the National Environmental Health Association are inviting experts in public health, sustainability and water management systems to share oral and poster presentations at the Legionella Conference 2019, to be held Sept. 11-13 in Los Angeles.

The Legionella Conference 2019 theme, “Building Water Systems: The Sustainability and Public Health Nexus,” will explore the complex relationship between water conservation and microbial contamination prevention in building water systems. Renowned speakers and panel discussions will cover energy and water conservation, strategies for monitoring risk, mitigation solutions, factors increasing microbial risks, plumbing design requirements for low-flow systems and the national research agenda. The conference will also include technical pre-conference workshops, case studies and new technology reviews.

The first national Legionella Conference presented by NSF International in 2018 was sold out, attracting approximately 450 attendees, 20 poster presentations and 15 exhibits. Based on the success of last year’s event, 2019 conference organizers NSF International and NEHA expect significantly higher attendance in September.

The deadline to submit abstracts for oral presentations is April 1. The deadline to submit abstracts for posters is May 1.

Oral presenters will appear on the conference agenda along with their presentation topic and abstract. Presentations may be accompanied by PowerPoints or other visual aids (recommended, but not required).

Posters will be set up in a specific room and must present research or case study outcomes related to the conference focus. Poster presenters should be prepared to accompany the poster to discuss their work during breaks and dedicated sessions.

Topic ideas include:

  • Creating a successful building water management program.
  • Advancing water reuse opportunities.
  • Monitoring a successful building water management program.
  • Intersection of sustainability and public health for cooling towers.
  • Water conservation goals and public health – responding to unintended consequences.
  • Strategies for benchmarking building water systems for sustainability and public health outcomes.
  • Legionella outbreak surveillance and response strategies – identifying best practices.
  • Domestic hot water systems – safely and efficiently managing water temperatures
  • Plumbing design.

Applications for presentations and posters may be submitted online at http://www.legionellaconference.org/call-for-abstracts/.

Learn more about the Legionella Conference 2019 at www.legionellaconference.org.