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Nov. 11-13: EDspaces, The Future of Educational Facilities, Charlotte, NC

EDspaces, the Future of Educational Facilities, connects key stakeholders who are designing, building, equipping, and managing learning environments with the manufacturers, distributors, and service providers offering solutions. Explore how the convergence of technology, space, and pedagogy impact learning. 

The accredited professional development program showcases industry thought leaders exploring challenges and opportunities faced by those responsible for creating the spaces for student success. Professionally designed and outfitted classrooms provide an experiential learning environment unlike other conference in the education marketplace.

Innovation is on display in the exhibits where new products and solutions are introduced and tested by curious attendees. Over 200 exhibitors will impart knowledge and expertise to improve student and teacher experience. Curated tours provide a real-world look at ideas in action. Hear directly from the sources what worked, didn’t work, and what may have been approached differently as the spaces are put into action.

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Registration options at this link for facility planners, architects, designers and professional firms.