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Inpatient admissions down; outpatient up; aging driving visits

The Mid-Atlantic Hospital, Outpatient Facilities & Medical Office Buildings Summit was held June 20 in Philadelphia. More than 100 FMs, architects, designers and real estate professionals gathered to learn from 22 speakers about trends in the healthcare facilities market and examine real estate case studies from major healthcare players like the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Thomas Jefferson University. The McMorrow Reports covered the conference and will be sharing summaries of the sessions.

The conference began with Alan Whitson, president of Corporate Realty, Design & Management Institute, giving an overview of what’s driving healthcare. Here are a few of his most striking stats:

Visits and Admission per 1,000 nationally

  • U.S. Population 1990-2014 increase 27.3 percent
  •  ED visits increase 22.6 percent
  • Inpatient admissions down 16.8 percent
  • Outpatient visits increase 80 percent
  •  US Patient visits to increase 20 percent 2015 to 2030

Slides from Alan Whitson

Population & Visits 2015 to 2030

  • California most visits
  • Arizona biggest percent increase in visits
  • Florida biggest increase in number of visits
  • Ohio & New York population to decline while visits to increase

Stats for Pennsylvania

  • Population 2018 12,823,989
  • Number of hospitals 178
  • Staffed beds 35,655
  • Total discharges 1,486,732
  • Patient days 6,908,750
  • Gross patient revenues $186,619,161
  • Pa. visits increasing 1,260 percent faster than population