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The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) announces the official formation of the International Facility Management Association Europe, Middle East, Africa (IFMA EMEA) as a unique legal entity, effective as of 1 July 2021.

Understanding the expanding FM market, IFMA EMEA will be ideally positioned and able to meet the unique circumstances in each of these regions and provide optimal opportunities for growth to its EMEA-based members and the broader FM community. Benefits to the IFMA EMEA community will include local professional development and training, and research opportunities.

“I’m really excited that we can now launch IFMA EMEA as a separate entity with its own professional board, linked closely to IFMA’s strategic initiatives, plans and values. I strongly believe this will help us propel the FM profession to the next level and drive growth in the region.” – Peter Ankerstjerne, IFMA Global Board of Directors Chair

“The role of the FM professional has become more strategic in nature. With expanding responsibilities and skills — especially post-pandemic and with growth across sectors such as construction and infrastructure worldwide — the facility management industry is projected to advance rapidly; however, awareness of FM’s contribution and demand for FM services varies regionally. IFMA EMEA will focus advocacy efforts and educational and networking resources specific to professionals in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This will open doors to new opportunities for FMs in those regions and support global industry standards and best practices, which is good for everyone.” – Don Gilpin, IFMA President and CEO

Committed to providing exceptional support, knowledge and thought leadership, IFMA EMEA will be governed by a board of directors and led by staff in Belgium.

IFMA EMEA Board of Directors : Jos Duchamps (Belgium) IFMA EMEA Chair and IFMA Board liaison; Erik Jaspers (The Netherlands); Helena Ohlsson Skjeld (Sweden); Dr. Marie Puybaraud (France); Deborah Rowland (U.K.); Jaime Pire (Spain); Alexey Grinchenko (Russia); Peter Prischl (Austria); Jan Dunkelberg (Germany); and Don Gilpin (U.S.)  IFMA President and CEO

“As incoming chair of IFMA EMEA, I’m looking forward to developing and implementing our regional program. Today, the challenges for facility management are enormous. By improving the connection with our members and increasing the collaboration with our stakeholders we will contribute to a more sustainable built environment.” – Jos Duchamps, IFMA EMEA Chair

Lara Paemen, IFMA EMEA’s Managing Director based in Belgium, has served in this regional administration role since 2018 and is a member of the IFMA executive team.

“This is a historical moment for our association. IFMA EMEA will maintain a strong connection with IFMA but with headquarters in Brussels, we will be able to serve the needs of our local chapters and regional members even better. We will continue building strong FM communities and roll out our regional program in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with respect for the local differences. IFMA EMEA will be the partner to industry-related stakeholders and associations in this region and we will further develop our relations with the European Commission and relevant institutions to have impact on policy makers. I am honored to take this next step for IFMA and look forward to this new challenge.” – Lara Paemen, IFMA EMEA Managing Director

For more information, visit IFMA EMEA.