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Bigger and Better: Evolve Max Cubicles improve affordable privacy

In addition to the affordable privacy that comes standard in Bobrick’s Evolve Cubicles, Bobrick offers Evolve Max, featuring even more privacy with 79 5/8″-tall doors, 80″-tall divider panels and 1″ floor clearance. Evolve Max improves upon Evolve’s standard 72″ doors and panels with 9″ floor clearance while delivering the same advantages. 

Ideal for heavy traffic and standard use buildings, Evolve Cubicles provide exceptional durability and European-style privacy without compromising budgets. Other benefits include:  

  • Durability: Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) doors and panels and aluminum framing system provide durability. 
  • Integrated Privacy: Combine increased privacy with Bobrick’s award-winning occupancy indicator latch. The standard Evolve option features a patented pedestal with a self-closing mechanism.  

Consider Evolve for shopping centers, airports, convention centers, higher education and Class B offices.